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Pre-Purchase Inspections

Investing in a new home or commercial property? PHT can assist you with making sure you make an informed, confident decision.

Pre-sale Inspections

Before or while your home is on the market, this inspection will provide you the opportunity to correct any current issues and lead to a hassle free closing. 

1 Year Warranties

Make sure you take advantage of your builder's 1 year warranties. This time marks the final opportunity to identify and document items that need repair or adjustment. 

Commercial Pricing

We also offer special pricing for commercial and multiple house Inspections. Contact us today to find out more. 

Thermal Imaging

We provide infrared technology that is helpful in locating potential problems such as electrical hazards, minor roof leaks, and missing insulation. 

FHA Well Water Tests

(Level 4 - Certified Testing) Screening test to check the the overall quality and "safety" of your drinking water. 

Important Information 

There are a lot of moving parts when investing in a new home or property. Many times people can feel overwhelmed and some issues can go unnoticed. Below are a a few tricks of the trade that most people aren't aware of. We highly recommend taking the time to study up, and if necessary allowing PHT to assist you in any way that we can.

New Consturction

New Construction

If you hear the phrase "my builder is providing an Inspector for my walk through,"  that should raise a bit of concern. Some builders include a Home Inspection as a part of this process. Beware, their "inspection" is nothing more than an orientation and to point out various features of your new home. With PHT as your Inspector we address all aspects of the home's construction and finished product. Builders can make it extremely difficult for you to bring in your own independent Home Inspector. It's your money, it's your house. Reputable builders should have no concern about having their work inspected!


Inspector Referrals

PHT highly recommends that you ask family or friends for a Home Inspector referral from their own positive experiences. You want to be cautious of an Inspector or Inspection company that your real estate agent uses consistently. We aren't saying this is always a bad situation, however, there is a very good chance that Inspector may not be as thorough as you would assume on their Inspection. They may down play major issues in order for the sale of a home to go smoothly, just to ensure they will receive  more referrals from the real estate agent or  company in the future. A Home Inspection should be an unbiased and professional opinion that is dedicated to providing the client with all the information they need to make an important decision.

Large Companies

Home Inspection Companies

Home Inspection companies with a high number of Inspectors may have very impressive advertisements that list numerous certifications, licenses and qualifications. This can be misleading in that the owner of the company may have these accolades but the Inspector that will be in the field does not. Just beware of Inspection companies with a high level of licensed Inspectors as this may indicate a low level of quality reports. 

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